AWARE7 GmbH is a cyber security company from Gelsenkirchen that develops technologies and products and offers services. These serve to promote, increase and maintain the level of IT security. Through practical work and the [...]


Jürgen Berke

Jürgen Berke is a journalist and has worked for Wirtschaftswoche for 35 years. His main topics are telecommunications and cybersecurity. He was one of those affected by the spy affair at Deutsche Telekom, [...]


Bosch CyberCompare

Bosch CyberCompare is a knowledge and brokerage platform for companies. We support medium-sized companies in finding the right provider for their individual security requirements in the fragmented cyber security market. With our platform, [...]


Cloudyrion GmbH

We create sustainable IT security concepts. CLOUDYRION stands for solution-oriented approaches in the areas of risk assessment, penetration testing and consulting. With expertise in the relevant technologies and extensive consulting competence, we provide [...]


Decadia GmbH

Decadia GmbH is a company of the RWE Group. As a service provider in the field of occupational pensions, we offer first-class advice, the highest level of quality, innovative digital solutions and security [...]


eleQtron GmbH

eleQtron develops and operates quantum computers. Our next-generation computing machines will be able to solve problems in chemistry, life sciences, logistics and finance, among others, that even the best conventional supercomputers cannot crack. [...]


emproof GmbH

Emproof provides a high level of security and IP integrity for embedded systems, using unique techniques that protect algorithms and data while securing the entire device. Our Emproof Nyx solution prevents reverse engineering, [...]



ESCRYPT - Embedded Security is the leading system provider for embedded IT security. With five offices across Germany and branches in the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States, Canada, India, China, Korea and Japan, our experts focus on current data security issues, such as safe M2M communication, IT security in the Internet of Things, securing e-business models and automotive security.


Michael Frings

Michael Frings has been an IT enthusiast for more than 25 years and works on cyber security and accelerated computing in the Defence and Homeland Security business unit at NVIDIA. Contact: [...]



With comprehensive cyber defence services, the inventor of the AntiVirus makes companies defensible against cybercrime. More than 500 employees ensure the digital security of companies and users. Research and development are [...]


HiSolutions AG

HiSolutions AG, with offices in Berlin, Bonn, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, offers a broad consulting portfolio ranging from the establishment of information security management systems to penetration tests, incident response, technical security concepts, business [...]


itWatch GmbH

itWatch produces patented IT security. The focus is on protection against data theft (Data Loss Prevention - DLP), technical chains of trust from the keyboard to the data, their organisational embedding through legally [...]



ONEKEY is the leading European platform for automated security & compliance analysis for devices in industry (IIoT), manufacturing (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Contact: ONEKEY GmbH Kaiserswerther Straße 45 40477 [...]



With its innovative security and connectivity concepts, PHYSEC supports the successful implementation of new functionalities and business models in the Internet of Things. For the digitization of products, processes and production PHYSEC offers long-term concepts with maximum security and simple integration.


raphael GmbH

raphael gmbh - The digital agency from Dortmund. The agile agency for medium-sized and large companies looking for a reliable partner for digital brand management, complex web projects and sustainable service. [...]


R.iT GmbH

R.iT GmbH is an iT consultancy for the digital transformation of medium-sized businesses based in Bochum. Our professional focus lies in the areas of agile corporate management and control, applied iT security and [...]



The RWTÜV Group is unique in the market. Under the umbrella of a group holding company with the values of a medium-sized enterprise, our strategic investments combine sustainable commitment with the greatest possible [...]


Hannes Schill

Hannes Schill is a partner at eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners AG, a venture capital company based in Münster that focuses on the technology areas of software & IT, cybersecurity, Industry 4.0, new materials and [...]


secida AG

At secida, we focus on developing our customers' IT infrastructure through holistic, effective and cost-efficient identity and access management. With expert knowledge of processes and system operation and competent use of modern technologies, we [...]


suresecure GmbH

suresecure GmbH is a highly specialised IT security consulting company. However, the service goes beyond pure consulting. The company, based in Düsseldorf, also helps throughout Germany with highly specialised IT specialists to combat cyberattacks [...]


Tenzir GmbH

Tenzir is developing an open security analytics platform for cyber-attack detection and remediation. As the backbone of a modern security operation centre, the platform offers privacy-compliant recording of activity with retrospective correlation against [...]


XignSys GmbH

XignSys GmbH is one of the "most innovative cyber security start-ups in Germany" (Forbes 06/2020). With around 30 employees at its headquarters in the creative quarter of Gelsenkirchen, a city in the Ruhr [...]