System Industrie Electronic GmbH


We, the S.I.E. team, are convinced that digital solutions must always be oriented towards people and their needs. Everything we do serves to sustainably generate real added value along entire value chains, all the way to the end users of digital products and services. Together we realise our vision of human-centred digitalisation.


System Industrie Electronic GmbH

Millennium Park 12
6890 Lustenau



In the industrial environment, digitalisation is far advanced. Fundamental issues such as connectivity and data integrity have already been fundamentally solved in many places. Our focus as a development and production partner in the context of industrial embedded systems is therefore the flexible further development and optimisation of complete systems based on field-tested building blocks. We are able to develop module-based and individual functional samples and prototypes in the shortest possible time in order to create system solutions efficiently and quickly.

Together with our strategic partner – secunet Security Networks AG – we have been active in the field of cybersecurity solutions for many years. secunet’s many years of expertise in the official environment and in critical infrastructure (KRITIS), combined with our security-specific development and production know-how, puts us in a position to help shape and mould standards in a wide range of industries and application areas. Our work in other business areas also benefits sustainably from this partnership.