G Data CyberDefense

With comprehensive cyber defence services, the inventor of the AntiVirus makes companies defensible against cybercrime. More than 500 employees ensure the digital security of companies and users. Research and development are carried out in Germany.

G DATA protects with NextGen AI technologies, endpoint protection, offers penetration tests and incident response through to awareness training in order to defend companies effectively.

G DATA solutions have won many awards, most recently a double victory in the PUR Award for malware protection and email security.


G DATA Cyberdefense AG

G DATA Campus
Königsallee 178
D-44799 Bochum

Today, more than 500 employees ensure the digital security of companies and home users. Unique: research and software development are carried out exclusively in Germany. Service and support are part of the G DATA Campus in Bochum, just like the Trojan Horse Café, the Bistro and our own honey bees.

As a manufacturer, G DATA offers by far the best IT security product and is rated CHAMPION ahead of all other manufacturers – this is the conclusion of the PUR 2018 study by techconsult GmbH (a subsidiary of Heise Verlag) following a survey of 2,000 users of IT security solutions for companies.

For more information about the company and G DATA Security solutions, please visit www.gdata.de.