Trovent Security GmbH

Trovent Security GmbH, based in the Bochum Centre for IT Security, is a provider of cyber security service solutions. Our prevention and detection solutions enable companies to improve their IT security level in a targeted and immediate manner:

Attack Detection-as-a-Service
Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service
Penetration Testing


Trovent Security GmbH

Zentrum für IT-Sicherheit
Lise-Meitner-Allee 4
44801 Bochum



Trovent Security GmbH was founded in Bochum in 2019 by an experienced team with a clear goal: To develop service solutions for IT security, especially for those companies that do not have their own capacity to operate complex IT security-specific components themselves.

The IT security industry offers a wide range of technology and tools that can be used to improve the resilience of the IT infrastructure. However, without the appropriate capacity of skilled workers and without a large budget, implementation remains a mere wish. That is why we offer our clients targeted service solutions for the prevention and detection of security-related incidents and attacks:

Anomaly detection-as-a-service – Based on a detection platform “made in Bochum”, detect attacks and relevant threats, without a flood of alarms.
Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service – Using a purely European solution to preventively detect and reliably eliminate vulnerabilities.
Penetration Testing – Think and act like an attacker.