BO-I-T - Bochumer Institut für Technologie

The Bochum Institute of Technology (BO-I-T) is an association of several universities, the city of Bochum and companies that support the institute through a sponsoring association. The basic idea of the institute is to transform scientific findings into economic value creation.


Bochumer Institut für Technologie GmbH

Universitätsstraße 105
44789 Bochum

Tel.: +49 234 45 979 727


The BO-I-T works in two main areas of activity, Innovation Management and Data Science Lab: The Innovation Management area works on the initiation and implementation of collaborative research projects between business and science. The BO-I-T team brings companies (primarily SMEs) together with researchers, designs projects, provides support in applying for funding and also takes on project management services in the implementation phase.

The “Data Science Lab” was established as a research focus. The team works on application-oriented research projects to realise data-based innovations for various fields of application. For example, research is being conducted into advanced traffic forecasts, data-based diagnostic methods for the automotive sector or AI-optimised personnel deployment planning in the health sector. In addition, the BO-I-T organises the annual DATA SCIENCE RUHRGEBIET congress as well as complementary meetups to strengthen the network of data science demanders and providers in the Ruhr region.