CYBERTRAP, founded in 2015, is a cyber security company from Austria that specialises in active defence and deception. By means of deception technology, attackers are specifically diverted into a specially created IT infrastructure even before they can penetrate further into the actual infrastructure of the company and cause damage there.



Auerspergstrasse 4/7
1010 Wien



Deception is used by attackers and defenders alike. While honeypots were still state of the art, the attacks have evolved. Honeypots cannot answer important questions: who is in my network, why, where does he come from, where does he want to go and, above all, how long has he been here? It would be easy to ask the attacker. Solution: At some point, an endpoint is compromised. The attacker moves as quietly as possible in the network. This is his most sensitive phase, as he does not know what to expect (stress). Deception provides the attacker with information he is looking for. These file fragments are invisible to the normal user, lead to interesting targets and are not productive (no false positives). By interacting with these decoys, the attacker is led into a trap: Copies of real productive systems isolated from the productive network. Connected monitoring informs about all phases of the attack: from which endpoint it comes, what it is looking for on the traps, is it alone, which tools does it use, etc. In this way, the defenders receive new information about a current attack directly from the attacker in real time.