KOMON Analytics GmbH

KOMON Analytics combines AI, cyber security and simulation to identify new attack opportunities at an early stage, develop countermeasures and thus reduce the attack surface. In this way, one is always prepared for new threat situations. In addition, KOMON Analytics offers penetration testing and support for IT-secure software and system development to help secure your own developments.


KOMON Analytics GmbH

Lindlarer Str. 10
51647 Gummersbach

Web: www.komon-security.de

KOMON Analytics has set itself the goal of securing and advancing digitalisation through modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and simulation technology. To this end, KOMON Analytics is divided into the areas of “research and scientific service”, “corporate planning” and “cyber security” in order to always have access to the latest technologies to support corporate planning as well as the safeguarding of existing systems.

KOMON Analytics supports its customers in IT-secure software and system development, the testing of developed systems (penetration testing) as well as the integration of state-of-the-art analysis methods to secure the IT landscape and strengthen the defence against cyber attacks.

In addition, KOMON Analytics supports the integration of AI and simulation methods into corporate planning in order to reduce risks, especially in a dynamic economic environment, and thus contribute to the success of the company.