Nuremberg, October 11, 2023 – To promote the participation of women in or also for the field of cybersecurity, to network, as well as to support and encourage them to pursue a professional career in IT and information security – this is the goal of the initiative “Women4Cyber” (W4C). The origin of this initiative is a non-profit European private foundation, which is part of the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO). In addition to the central European activities, in order to network women in the field of cybersecurity more strongly on a national level and to be able to actively support them, more than 20 national or regional Women4Cyber chapters have now been created since the foundation was established in 2019.

As of today, there is also a chapter of W4C in Germany. The founding event took place during the IT security trade fair it-sa in Nuremberg. The initiative to found the German chapter was taken by: the digital association Bitkom, the regional association eurobits, #SheTransformsIT, an interdisciplinary initiative for more women in digitalization, as well as numerous high-ranking representatives from federal and state authorities and IT security companies in Germany.

Women4Cyber Germany sets itself up as a club for individual members who are interested in supporting women in cybersecurity and networking more closely with each other – regardless of their professional background, age or gender. Men who want to actively promote women in the industry are also welcome to join. The goal of the German W4C chapter is to better interlink the initiatives and activities that already exist in this country as an “umbrella” and to jointly build a strong community.

After the launch, interested parties can apply for membership in Women4Cyber Germany via a form on the eurobits e.V. project website. The minimum annual membership fee is 95 € per year – of which 45 € is the club fee/administration and 50 € is the sponsorship fee. The sponsorship fee can be increased voluntarily. For students and trainees the membership fee is 30 € per year. Also the co-operation of further co-operation partners such as federations, enterprises, research facilities, organization or authorities is expressly desired. Together with the members, measures are to be defined and implemented soon.

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