The ECSO STARtup Awards and ECSO CISO Choice Awards will be presented in Bochum on 21 and 22 March 2024. The final rounds of the European competitions will be organised by Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung in cooperation with the Women4Cyber Foundation and eurobits e.V.

This year’s awards include the ECSO STARtup Award and the new ECSO CISO Choice Award, which will showcase exceptional European cybersecurity companies selected by a panel of experts from across Europe throughout the year. The STARtup Award recognises promising European cybersecurity start-ups, while the CISO Choice Award recognises innovative European cybersecurity solutions. The aim of these awards is to highlight European excellence in the field of cybersecurity, promote European products, drive innovation and stimulate investment in the European cybersecurity market.

In addition to the ECSO awards, the Women4Cyber Entrepreneurship Award will also be presented to participants in both categories by the Women4Cyber Foundation. This award aims to recognise female leaders in start-up companies and acknowledge larger companies for their initiatives to encourage more women to pursue a career in cybersecurity in Europe.

About the ECSO STARtup Award

The ECSO STARtup Award has been presented annually since 2020 to the most promising European cybersecurity start-ups and aims to provide small European cybersecurity companies with the opportunity to gain visibility, investment and business connections at European level.

The finalists of this year’s competition were selected by expert juries at various European cybersecurity events in 2023, including ECSO’s Cyber Investor Days and the Access-2-Finance Matchmaking Events of the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC). We are delighted to present our finalists for 2024, some of the best European cybersecurity start-ups:

  • Build38
  • CDeX
  • CyCommSec
  • Dust Mobile
  • OutKept
  • Seculyze
  • Skyld
  • Zygon

The above companies will take the stage one last time to present their final pitches. A high-calibre jury of experts will carefully evaluate the pitches and finally select a lucky and well-deserved winner.

About the ECSO CISO Choice Award

The ECSO CISO Choice Award is a new award category that will be presented for the first time at this year’s awards ceremony. The aim is to recognise and reward the most innovative cyber security solution of the year. The competition is aimed at larger European cyber security companies with existing investments and solutions that are looking for an opportunity to establish themselves in the market by presenting their innovations to an international audience of potential buyers.

This year’s finalists were selected by panels of experts from various European cybersecurity events throughout 2023, including ECSO’s Cyber Solution Days and the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre’s (ECCC) Access-2-Market Matchmaking Events. The finalists include the following companies with incredible potential for Europe’s security:

  • Astran
  • Binalyze
  • CDeX
  • Cyber Trust Europa
  • Secfense

At the ECSO CISO Choice Award 2024, the finalists will present their most convincing presentations. Their presentations will be carefully evaluated by an expert jury, mainly composed of European CISOs, who will select the company with the most promising and innovative cybersecurity solution as the winner at the end of the day.


We cordially invite European cybersecurity solution providers, investors, end users and other cybersecurity industry leaders to participate in this event! Please register via:


In addition to the exciting competitions, attendees will be able to participate in expert-led panel discussions on some of the hottest topics in cybersecurity today, such as investment, European solutions and the European cybersecurity market. In addition, the event will provide participants with many opportunities to network and socialise within the European cybersecurity community – from investors and buyers to vendors, industry leaders, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

Exceptional networking opportunities include a dinner on 21 March for all registered participants. You are also invited to attend the networking lunch on the following day, 22 March.

Here you will find the brochure for the event: Brochure ECSO Award Finals, it includes:

  • A programme for both days (please note that this programme is subject to change and will be constantly updated until the event)
  • Important travel information to help you plan your trip to Bochum
  • A list of this year’s finalists for the ECSO STARtup Award and the ECSO CISO Choice Award – the real stars of the event
  • Insightful information about the organisers.

Confirmed participants in this event will receive an email with hotel recommendations and discount codes to help you secure favourable rates when booking your stay in Bochum.


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