VMRay Analyzer 2.1 will be officially announced at Black Hat 2017 this week. Over the last three years, VMRay has set itself apart from the competition in the Automated Malware Analysis (AMA) industry with its unique agentless hypervisor-based approach to malware detection. This approach enables DFIR Specialists and CERTs using VMRay Analyzer to detect new and evasive malware by generating complete, accurate results during sandbox analysis.

With the release of v2.1, we have bolstered the detection efficacy of our analysis engine, added support for new file types, integrated a new URL reputation engine into the product and reinforced support for pattern based matching using YARA rules. In addition, we have significantly improved the quality of our machine-readable reports by making them available in more detailed, more easily-ingestible formats. Here’s an overview of the new features.