G DATA Software AG is based in Bochum, one of Europe’s cyber security hotspots. In 1987, the world’s first antivirus software was developed here. G DATA is therefore regarded as the inventor of the AntiVirus.

G DATA Software AG
G DATA Campus
Königsallee 178
D-44799 Bochum

Today, more than 500 employees provide digital security for businesses and home users. Unique: research and software development are carried out exclusively in Germany. Service and support are part of the G DATA campus in Bochum, as well as the Trojan Horse Café, the bistro and our own honey bees. As a manufacturer, G DATA offers by far the best IT security product and is rated as CHAMPION in front of all other manufacturers – this is the conclusion of the PUR 2018 study by techconsult GmbH (a subsidiary of Heise Verlag) after a survey of 2,000 users of IT security solutions For companies. Further information about the company and G DATA Security solutions from G DATA can be found at www.gdata.de.