The International Conference on the EU Cybersecurity Act

Marriott Hotel Grand Place Rue Auguste Orts, Grand Place 3-7, Bruxelles

ECSO offers discount codes for ECSO Members to this conference. Please send an e-mail to Alexandra Madsen at alexandra.madsen(at) to request the discount codes. The International Conference on the EU Cybersecurity Act has been developed to help standards community prepare for the evolution of risk-based frameworks meant to address market fragmentation in the EU. [...]

999,00 Euro

Kostenloses Online Seminar: „How to achieve efficient extraction of embedded firmwares”


Are you a security professional and working on binary images and data of IoT/OT devices and systems? Are you looking for a solution that can accurately and efficiently extract binary code and data blobs? Look no further! ONEKEY is revolutionizing the world of IoT security with their new open-source binary extraction suite, UNBLOB. Join [...]


Privacy Symposium

Università Ca’ Foscari Dorsoduro 3246, Venice

The Privacy Symposium aims at promoting international dialogue, cooperation, and knowledge sharing on data protection regulations, compliance, and emerging technologies. PRIVACY SYMPOSIUM provides a venue for data protection professionals, experts, authorities and researchers to meet and discuss: Latest and upcoming changes in data processing regulations International cooperation and convergence in data protection Emerging technologies [...]

290,00 Euro

7. CYBICS – Compliance, Sicherheit und Best Practices: der Cyber Resilience Act

House of Logistics an Mobility (HOLM) GmbH Bessie-Coleman-Straße 7, Frankfurt am Main

Was kommt auf die Industrie zu, wenn die Sicherheitsanforderungen für alle Produkte mit digitalen Elementen dem geplanten Cyberresiliencegesetz (CRA) der EU-Kommission unterliegen? Das Gesetz wird kommen und die Umsetzungsfrist ist knapp bemessen. Wir laden Sie ein, am 20. April 2023 in Frankfurt dabei zu sein, um einen umfassenden Überblick über die Compliance-Vorgaben des neuen EU Cyber Resilience [...]

299,00 Euro