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Are you a security professional and working on binary images and data of IoT/OT devices and systems? Are you looking for a solution that can accurately and efficiently extract binary code and data blobs? Look no further! ONEKEY is revolutionizing the world of IoT security with their new open-source binary extraction suite, UNBLOB.

Join Quentin Kaiser, Team Lead Security Research at ONEKEY for an in-depth look at UNBLOB’s capabilities and how it is making waves in the field of industrial control, production systems, and connected devices. UNBLOB is an easy-to-use and accurate extraction suite that provides a complete extraction of software down to the smallest details.

With billions of IoT devices in use today, UNBLOB is essential for uncovering vulnerabilities in industrial and other products and infrastructures. This suite is designed for professional security researchers and experts who have the ability to analyze or reverse engineer firmware images. UNBLOB also provides built-in extraction capabilities for many different formats, highlights the structure of the firmware, and supplies a framework for adding extraction capabilities for custom formats.

ONEKEY is leading the charge in IoT security and is actively supporting the development of an international community of security experts. With their full-service solution, they are providing access to high-performance security tools to experts and companies worldwide, enabling the highest level of IoT security possible.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about UNBLOB and how ONEKEY is revolutionizing IoT security and contributing to a stronger global digital infrastructure.

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