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In 2022, we will be celebrating an anniversary – escar Europa will be held for the 20th time in total. We are looking forward to a very special conference this year!

For the first time in escar history the 19th escar Europe took place as a hybrid conference from Frankfurt, Germany and virtual, with the support of an interactiv event app with which you could also actively participate in the conference, from all over the world. The first hybrid escar Europe was a complete success. In particular, the exchange among each other and the networking worked pretty well. We already started with the preparations for escar Europe 2022!

19 years of escar conference! Starting in 2003 in Germany the conference is now organized internationally due to its continuous success – Europe, USA and Asia. Moreover the conference reaches higher numbers of attendees each year. The attendees and exhibitors enjoy insightful conference days, interesting talks and good networking. Every year it proves again that escar is the leading Automotive Cyber Security conference in the world! The official 20th escar Europe program will be developed through a call for papers and is expected to be published in september.

Modern cars have become complex digital devices and automotive Cyber Security is one of the most important issues. Therefore, the overall goal and objective of escar is to provide a forum for collaboration among private industry, academia, and government regarding modern in-vehicle Cyber Security threats, vulnerabilities, and risk mitigation/countermeasures. escar offers an opportunity for information exchange, networking and is a platform to define research needs. International and high-quality speakers give recent insights and encourage discussions.

escar conference includes invited talks in the following areas:

  • Security in software defined vehicle and eco systems, incl. changing value chains, continuous development, application of new technologies
  • Cyber security management system, incl. regulation, standardization, certification, interoperability, connection to other management systems, UN R155, ISO/SAE21434
  • Offensive security, e.g., car hacking, penetration testing, protocol analysis, fuzzing, etc.
  • Architectures for securing new applications, like highly-automated and autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, big data in automotive, backend-and cloud-infrastructures, CCAM, domain controller, vehicle computer, etc.
  • Security engineering, safety & security co-design, formal methods, development & validation tools, security (long term) maintenance, security (credential and overall) management, incident handling and response, and security economics for automotive domain, etc.
  • Upcoming security technologies and their application to automotive systems, e.g., distributed ledger technology, AI, post-quantum cryptography, trusted execution environments, etc.
  • Security technologies for systems and subsystems, automotive ECUs and subcomponents, networks, and applications, e.g., hardware security, OTA, in-vehicle and V2X network security, access control, intrusion detection, monitoring, automotive SIEM, security functions, etc.
  • Further automotive-and security-related topics such as security usability, legal aspects, privacy and data protection, securityfor other transport systems like railway or aerospace, etc.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Berlin, Germany!
Your program committee and your organizing team.

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